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with voice intelligence

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Find out how we help leading collection agencies with compliance monitoring! 

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The Prodigal Advantage

Includes ...

Increase collections

Uncover techniques that move the needle

  • Optimize dialer strategy (who / when to call)
  • Sentiment analysis (suggested way and words to say)

Improve compliance

Monitor every call to ensure high standards

  • Violations monitoring (constantly on alert and aware)
  • Script adherence (inculcate best practices)

Enhance workflows

Unravel possibilities to increase work efficiency

  • Agent scorecards (auto-populate questions)
  • Dynamic word search (quick identification of call content)

Stay ahead of the curve

Understand how voice intelligence can change the ARM landscape

"Prodigal Voice highlights actionable improvements backed by quickly accessible evidence. Integration was super simple too — we were up and running in a couple of hours with ZERO IT intervention.

The intuitive and customizable interface has greatly improved effectiveness of and visibility into our dialing efforts."

Adam Elder

CEO, Fidelis Recovery

More reasons to get started?

Easy integration with popular dialers • Minimal IT fuss 

No setup or minimum fees • No expensive and lengthy lock-ins

Intuitive with simple controls • Customized to your needs

Plug and play

Pay only for value

Modern user interface